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A few decades ago, most great photographs were the result of intensive work done in the darkroom.  Balancing the lighting, dodging the print during darkroom exposure.  In the more recent past many photographers simply sent their films to the lab and the pictures came back professionally density and colour corrected?


How many times have you received a print of your work, only to find that a good image could be turned into a really-good image if only the balance, cropping, lighting, colour-balance could be slightly altered?


Of course, can always spend the time to become an expert photo-retoucher using any of the high-quality photo-editing programs available today,  but apart from the considerable investment, did you became a photographer to spend your time at a computer screen?


Why not outsource the technical and time-consuming elements of improving your photos and images.  Improving your images to a consistently high standard.


You can still have the fun of adding your artistic touch if you wish. You are in control.  Give yourself back the time and freedom to be creative and leave the time-consuming technical processing activities to the experts.


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